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..i am crazy.. ..a dreamer.. ..most of the time stupid.. ..liberated in some way.. ..believes in serving the people.. ..sometimes thinks differently with others.. ..most of the people knew me as a strong person but im not..i am afraid to die, to get hurt and to be rejected i value friendship, family and love of my life but often im selfish..im inlove with movies..i cant call it a day if i havent watched one..i eat a lot but i hate doing house chores, well i like cooking though it all taste the same ..Eight hours a day i am in front of the computer just doing anything i can think of..I dont pray but i believe there is one above us all..

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

biggest mannequin

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Last February 16 we went in Nagoya Immigration to renew my visa..because its about to expire on march 25..after we went there..we had time to go shopping and sight seeing on those big buildings in Nagoya..and while we were walking we saw that big mannequin(does my spelling correct?)that's the biggest one I've ever seen..

my husband was on cam..and i didn't have the slightest idea why he was laughing..i just realized it after i saw the picture..it was because of that high school girl who posed (i am the one with pink jacket)with me and she imitated the pose of mannequin just for fun while her colleagues on our back laughing too..

Thursday, February 4, 2010


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A black man walks into a cafe one early morning and noticed that he was the only black man there. As he sat down, he noticed a white man behind him.
The white man said, "Colored people are not allowed here." The black man turned around and stood up. He then said:
"When I was born I was black,"
"When I grew up I was black,"
"When I'm sick I'm black,"
"When I go in the sun I'm black,"
"When I'm cold I'm black,"
"When I die I'll be black."
"But you sir..."
"When you're born you're pink,"
"When you're sick, you're green,"
"When you go in the sun you turn red,"
"When you're cold you turn blue,"
"And when you die you turn purple."
"And you have the nerve to call me colored"
The black man then sat back down and the white man walked away...

(i just read this story and it says: Copy and pate this to your profile to help stop Racism)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Blog of Blogs

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Yesterday, I encouraged my elder brother to have a blog and follow me after. So he signed-up and posted 6 blogs in just a day. He told me to read his blog. I did read it. And I am really amazed how great he is in writing. WEll, its not that i dont know that he`s good in writing. I kinda knew that but I never witnessed it at all till yesterday. And my favorite post he made is a short summary of each personality in our family. It is really touching so I thought of posting that blog here. Its actually written in Filipino but i have English translation after the original version. Before that..here is the picture of my elder brother and if you wanna check out his blog just go on this link=http://jarelljomdcorpuz.blogspot.com..and here it goes..


ang aking pamilya bow. (palakpakan) klap klap klap...

ang aking ama ay si orly isang ama na matatag ang paniniwala sa paglilingkod sa bayan, isang taong hindi mababali ang pagmamahal sa bayan.

ang aking ina na si beth isang maalagang ina. akalamo ay mahigpit subalit punong-puno ng tatag sa pagharap ng mga problema at pagsubok sa aming pamilya.

ang nag-iisa kong kapatid na babae si ampil, ang natatangi kong kapatid na kasabay ko sa tawanan at kalungkutan. kasama ko sa pagsasayaw at paglilingkod sa kapwa. isang simpleng babae na dakilang nagmamahal sa kanyang asawa.

si jason na ang tanging kausap ay ang kanyang sariling pagkatao. nailalabas ang sarili na hawak ang kanyang panulat at ang notebook na tanging nakakaalam ng kanyang nararamdaman at naiisip. isang musikero at malambing na kapatid. adik sa celphone. mahiyain sa personal bolero sa celphone.

si jawo na naiiba ang kulay ng balat sa aming lahat magkakapatid. may katigasan ang ulo. pero may tinatagong kabaitan. isang lalaking mapaglaro sa pag-ibig. nais na makilala ang kalawakan ng mundo. hilig nya ang makipaglaro sa hamon ng buhay. iyakin yan pero iniiyakan ng maraming babae.

si jolas na aming bunso na pinaglihi sa talong. magaling maglaro ng basketball yan. at nakikita ko na isa syang malambing na tao. mahilig sya na sumandal at idikit ang kanyang balat kay mama at sa akin. sya ang unang bumibili ng aking mga patawa. isang mabuting tao at mahal ang aming pamilya.

at ako ang inyong lingkod na mahilig kaulayaw ang mundo. makipaglaro sa kawalan. mahal ko ang paglilingkod sa kapwa. isang simpleng tao na nag nanais ng isang masaya at maginhawang buhay para sa aking pamilya at sa marami pang pamilya.

ito ang aking pamilya. pamilya na aking mahal. na unang una sa aking puso

english translation

my family bow. (applause) klap klap klap ...

my father is ORLY ,a father who has a firm belief in service to the people, a man has inflexible love for his country.

my mother BETH, a caring mother. you will know her as strict but is full reconstruction of the presence of problems and trials of our family.

my only sister AMPIL, my special brethren to the same laughter and sorrow. dancing with me for service of other people . A great simple woman who loves her husband.

JASON who only deals with his own personality. revealing himself holding his pen and notebook that only knows his feelings and thought. a musician and a tender brother. A cellphone addicts. Really shy in person but aggressives in cellphone communication

JAWO who has a different skin color in all our siblings. A stubborn but has kindness inside. A playful man in love. want to recognize the expanse of the world. Loves to play with the challenges of life. A crybaby but women cry because of him.

JOLAS is the youngest who they said the eggplant is my mother`s favorite to eat in time of his conception. Excellent in playing basketball. A tender man. he always want to lean and stick his skin to me and to mama. The first buyer of my parody. a good man and loves our family.

and I am your fond servant who always with the world. Playing with loss. I love to serve people. a simple man who wants a happy and convenient life for my family and many other families.

This is my family. my beloved family. that first and foremost in my heart.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


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I have this hobby that just started last year..the reason of this is that..Just last year i recalled what did i write in my highschool yearbook of what i want to become..and you will not going to believe what it was..i wrote that I WANT TO BE A COMMERCIAL MODEL SOMEDAY..a big laugh..but im still praying it will be come true..Then i had this big idea why not make it come true..

I started curling my hair..putting make-ups on my face..looking for the perfect outfit while thinking of the perfect possible pose..setting-up my room like a photo studio..making my camera on self timer setting and i started..

this is the first photo produced by myself..
Then..im thinking about giving the photo more unique style..i studied photo editing online..
i really dont have the idea about photo editing stuff..but because i want to improve..i tried..

this is my second attempt of being a model..photographer..stylist and photo-editor..its kinda hard because i have to run when my camera starts ticking..the timer has 10seconds only..so most of the time my pose isnt the pose i planned in my mind..

this morning..i woke up around five o`clock..i opened my computer..then my body was like telling me to have a photo shoot again..so i washed my face..i did all the preparation and i decided this time to have a theme..maybe this idea was came up already in my second photo shoot but my editing skills not that good yet..i thought of green and forest..and its like i want to be my photos have a clear message..

hope im not that bad model and photographer or stylist and editor..
i want to hear your comments or suggestion or even advice im willing to entertain..what do you think the best theme for my next photo-shoot..hope i will hear something from you guys..

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

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(this photo belongs to my youngest brother, i just took in his facebook account)

sometimes life can be easy but not fulfilling

you cant just let it flow and have a better feeling

fulfillment is hard to achieve

but once achieved make sure you earned it

(i spent 5 minutes on this quotes..its a good feeling to write on my own sometimes..

hope it isnt that bad)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

ORDINARY fabulous

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Hi guys..this time i feel weird and my mood tells me that i want to post something about fashion.. its not really fashion as you know but because of my simple life i can call it like one..
I am not raise with a wealthy family or parents who has so much to give more than food , shelter and love..So for a girl who grew up with fashion was`nt the priority still I am a woman who has a sense to it ..ME.. i love fashion as well as i love my body but maybe youre expecting me to idolize louis vuitton or other branded products..(in fact i dont know exactly the spelling of loius vuitton and i dont own one even a card holder)..i love to buy stuff who make me feel beautiful and confident..im going to share with you some of the products i am using..its actually very cheap and im pretty sure some of it you never heard of or you knew it because its the cheapest product in the market..

Another reason why i am going to share it with you..i want you guys to share any products you know that is cheap and affordable but has quality..

lets start with the products i am using every morning, every time im taking a shower and before i go to sleep..its a facial washing foam and its medicated white from softymo..
i like it because i want to rid my acne and at the same time to whiten my skin..and its 298yen only or more or less 2 dollars..
it has a tiny bits that can help to scrub your face so better if you massage that on your face very gentle to avoid harsh..
(if you are using affordable facial wash that is good for winter time and for drying of skin please give a comment)

after i wash my face i cant live without a cold cream..i dont care if its a night cream only..because i have dry skin every winter and i always get rashes on my cheeks thats why i need that badly.. if i forgot to put that im going to regret it after..its only 1980yen..
(my face is always dry in winter time and so oily in summer so can you suggest affordable products that i can use for both season)another this is ponds cold cream isnt good for summer but if you have dry skin even in summer you can use that i think..

another product that everyone cant live without..A body lotion..eversince i prefer to use Nivea lotion..before im using the blue one if you know that..it much thicker and sticky but i changed to this cos i like the essence of milk in my skin and the 24 hour fresh sensation..haha..it is 200g for only 498yen..i need lotion that can whiten my elbow and knees please suggest if you know some that is of course affordable..

and the last product i will share with you on this blog is the three perfume i really love..the diamond dream 1980yen only which im wearing now..sexy girl 1680only and Incanto 2980 only..
its not expensive but it can bring nice essence and comfortable feeling..

I shared these with you guys not to show how low class i am though its true..lol..im not rich..i dont ashame of that..but its not hindrance not to give care to our body..

It is only the first part..there are more to come and im waiting for you comments and suggestions..you will make me feel much better if you follow me..also please share the products you are using that is fit to our budget and really affordable for everyone..

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Real Life

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This is an ordinary scene in Ilo-ilo province in the Philippines..

A tricycle full of passengers.

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